Sell Your Home For TOP Dollar – Home Staging Tips for Sellers

Sell Your Home For TOP Dollar – Home Staging Tips for Sellers

Sell Your Home For TOP Dollar
Home Staging Tips for Sellers

1. Present Attractive Curb Appeal

For potential buyers, it should be a positive, joyful experience, pulling up to their potential new home. Make certain you present them with that special curb appeal that will make a great initial impression on them.

You can update the lighting on the porch so they can view the stylish house numbers you have displayed. Those flowers in bloom sitting by your attractive outdoor furniture and near your welcome mat may seem like minor things at first, but rest assured they are going to make a true difference.

Buyers will immediately feel that the inside of the house has been well maintained also when they see how well the outside has been kept!

2. Floor Space Should Be Embraced

Square footage is something all buyers are concerned with, so you want to make certain to give them what they are seeking.

To help to make the house feel spacious, you want to hang mirrors to reflect room openings and windows and put breathing room around monochromatic furniture. Place large artwork on the wall, hang drapes high and lay oversized area rugs down.

To help create a sense of lightness, select furniture raised up on legs. And to increase surface space, use decorative knickknacks sparingly. A distant focal point should be created such as at the end of a hallway, a beautiful pendant light.

3. Create An Attractive Sense Of Ambiance

Make certain to pay heed to all five senses so that potential buyers feel an emotional and personal connection to the house when they step inside.

-Sight: Throughout the house, you want to use flattering lighting to both create playful shadows while brightening dark corners. This includes under-counter spot lights, hanging pendants, floor and table lamps and canned lighting.

-Smell: By both plugging in an aromatherapy diffuser and lighting scented candles, create a pleasant but subtle scent throughout the house. Perfect choices include lavender, vanilla and citrus. You do not want the smell to be overbearing but simply subtle.

-Touch: Through textiles which invite touching, incorporate texture. Doing this helps create a personal connection to the place.

-Sound: Hang wind chimes and turn on quiet music to help relax those touring the home.

-Taste: Having some cold bottled water standing by a bowl of candy or cookies never goes wrong.

4. Emphasize Architectural Details

It is best to show off even quirky architectural details rather than trying to hide them, because part of a home’s charm is it’s distinct personality.

One of the things you might consider is to make a reading nook in that formerly wasted space beneath the staircase. Of course, you want to make every effort to show off whatever built ins you have in the home.

5. Play Up A Lifestyle

Always keep in mind you are also selling a lifestyle at the same time you are selling the house. To help the potential buyers feel right at home you want to arrange those chairs around the pool, hang a swing rope and set-up that outdoor dining area.

You want to do all you can to get the message across to the buyers that they are truly getting great value for their money invested.

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