Why Sell You SHOULD Your Home In 2019

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // February 10, 2019

Home prices are predicted to go up significantly in 2019. And, the year could be the most opportune time for homeowners like you to put their homes on the market. If you are not very sure about selling your house in the next two years, first listen to what the experts have to say. For […]

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Investing – Stock Market Or Real Estate?

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // January 10, 2019

Have you ever wondered which is better when it comes to Investing – stock market or real estate? Many would-be real estate investors ask the same question. Some people are concerned that investing in real estate will take all of their free time and that it will produce less return for their investment than they […]

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Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // December 10, 2018

Regardless of the size of your house or apartment, it is possible to use every bit of leftover space for storage. If you are in need of more space and have items you must organize, you will be pleased to know that there are many storage solutions for small spaces, including the following: If you […]

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What Are Your Rights During Closing?

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // November 10, 2018

Buying or selling a house can be complicated. This is because closing a real estate transaction can be very stressful as both parties attempt to agree on a deal that is mutually beneficial. You may encounter unforeseen situations throughout this process, therefore, it is important to remember that both parties have buyer’s and seller’s rights […]

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Monmouth County Homes – Inventory Is At A 20-Year Low!

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // October 10, 2018

Monmouth County Homes – Inventory Is At A 20-Year Low! A recent survey by has informed the public of this extraordinary fact and they cite as one of the reasons being the reluctance of Baby Boomers to trade from their current homes either up or down. Over 59% of those individuals that responded to […]

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What Is Closing & How Much Does It Cost?

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // September 10, 2018

Home buyers frequently look forward to “closing”, the final exchange of paperwork that officially transfers ownership of the property to them. What is closing, though? There are a lot of financial and legal obstacles that must be overcome when a house is sold, and “closing” is the word used to describe getting everything done. Some […]

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Organization At The Entryway: Create A Good First Impression

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // August 10, 2018

Organization At The Entryway: Create A Good First Impression As long as you are organized and inspired, you can create an entryway in your home that makes coming and going enjoyable. Everyone has a different name for their entryway. Some call them drop zones. They are also known as utility rooms, mudrooms, entryways, and even […]

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Your Mortgage Was Declined – Why?

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // July 10, 2018

Gaining a mortgage is not always a sure thing that will simply happen when you decide to apply. The fact of the matter is that in 2015, 12 percent of applications submitted were in fact denied. Take a look below at six possible reasons that apply to the question Your Mortgage Was Declined – Why? […]

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Upsizing is the “New Norm” For Growing Families in NJ

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // June 10, 2018

Downsizing may have been the trend in 2016, however, according to consumer research, things are changing. Today, this research shows that upsizing is the new norm for growing families. One of the people who have chosen to upsize is Maggie Shaw from Hoboken, NJ. For over 5 years, Maggie and her husband have been living […]

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Six Kitchen Must-Haves

Posted by Carlee Ludwig // May 10, 2018

Today’s competitive market place for homes means that both buyers and homeowners have had to rethink their expectations for the kitchen; gadgets and appliances considered acceptable just a few years ago may simply not impress a potential buyer today. The kitchen has long been considered one of the most important spaces in any home, an […]

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